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About The Colorprinter Company


Colorprinter was born from a very simple idea. To go one step beyond the printed product.

Customers who print with us don’t want a few business cards, a few catalogs or a few banners. They want to improve their business. And anyone who says otherwise is lying. To give an example: flyers are not the goal. They are the means to achieve more visibility, to show more authority of our business and to attract customers.

During Colorprinter’s early years, we became a sponge. We experienced and solved every sales problem companies faced.

We studied why some cards ended up in the trash in just a couple of hours and others accompanied your clients for years. Or why one book manages to give prestige to its author and another one does not. Or why some print advertising gets customers while others practically drive them away.

So we turn a normal printing company into a printing company that helps others to improve their image and their business.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to increase your chances of success.

It is obvious that if what you sell is garbage, you will not sell it no matter how good your advertising or your personalized office supplies are. But if what you sell is genuinely good and you don’t want to compete to be the cheapest in your sector. You need to prove that it is.

And that’s where Colorprinter’s mission comes in:

Allow you to leverage your printed material as a means to increase the trust of your potential customers, to gain authority in your industry, to differentiate yourself from your competition and, in general, to increase your sales.

Us vs. them

We see the printing business as a means to improve the business of others. If we get one more customer to trust your business because your corporate stationery or advertising looks superior, we know we’ve done a good job.

We dedicate ALL our resources to improve your image. We test to see what works and what does not.

Most printers aim to print as many orders as possible. They use thin and flimsy papers or print on one side only for customers who want to save a couple of euros.

At Colorprinter we prefer to leave out those who want cheap cards even though they know they may come across as unprofessional or grasping to their customers. They want people to buy their services without complaining about the price but expect to get it by printing crappy cards on cigarette paper for less than a penny.

It makes no sense for us to act like this in a serious business.