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Develop your Career at Colorprinter

Talk to us, tell us about your skills and become part of our team.

If you have come to us when looking for printing jobs, or jobs in printing and you have landed on Colorprinter, we want you to get to know us. On this page you will find more information about Colorprinter and the positions available.

Ask for the position you would like to fill. Tell us why you want to be part of our team and send us your cover letter and CV to our email: Be one more piece of the puzzle and contribute your bit to the growth of hundreds of companies that trust us.

IMPORTANT: Any job search emails received in an inbox other than will be automatically discarded and deleted.

Empleo imprenta. Trabajar en la imprenta Colorprinter
Empleo imprenta

Join our team. Work hard, learn and enjoy.

Student opportunities

We are looking for current undergraduate and graduate students for full-time opportunities in a variety of roles, including designers, machine operators, programmers… We give a vote of confidence to young people with little experience and help them train.

From the start, you’ll do meaningful work alongside your peers and leaders, delving into projects, programs and services that impact hundreds of customers. At Colorprinter, you have the opportunity to chart your own path by owning your development, your career and your future.

Recruitment in printing centers

Printing is the heart of Colorprinter. We manufacture thousands of products a year. Our machines are state of the art, advanced technology and constant maintenance for the highest performance.

We are looking for operators with experience in offset and digital presses. To help our team to keep growing. Someone who cares about the quality of the finished product as much as we do. Someone who loves the product and treats it with delicacy.

Development and graphic design

Here your work is the most valuable of all. The developer and programmer is a fundamental part of our company. We are looking for people who want to invent, develop and sometimes upgrade to make features easier, faster, better and more cost effective.

Graphic design is another very important and valuable pillar. For many of our products we offer a completely free graphic design. We are looking for fast and creative designers. We don’t need a perfectionist in terms of technique or an absolute connoisseur of all Illustrator or Photoshop functions. We need creative people.

Together, we create and manufacture the ideas, services and products that grow our customers’ businesses. Regardless of position, every employee at Colorprinter is focused on working hard, having fun and excelling.

This will score you extra points if you are looking for a job in the printing industry.

For us it is very important that all employees know the values of Colorprinter, its products and its way of serving customers. We are a team that knows how to listen to both our customers and our colleagues and to provide solutions to small adversities, whether or not they are directly related to our job. We are all for and by everyone.

What do I do now?

Take an in-depth look at our entire website to learn more about Colorprinter:

  • Read about the main products. It is mandatory for anyone who wants to be part of the Colorprinter team to know what products and services we offer and how we do it. One clue is that our flagship service is printing books.
  • Know what is included and how our service differs. Colorprinter is completely different from any other online printing company. The customers who choose us know that, but so does everyone on the team.
  • Learn about our expansion. Colorprinter starts in the United States, but already offers services in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Portugal, Mexico and Argentina..
  • Presenting yourself properly. If you are looking for a job with us, it is not enough to send an e-mail with your resume and write “printing job” in the subject line. We need to know more about you, tell us something more personal with a cover letter.
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